Alice & John Hines, the Weefcraft designers, have a history of love for various art and craft endeavors. Alice's personal artistic expression can be found in a variety of mediums, from clay to paint to fabric art to an interest in artful food preparation. In an online chat room in 1994, John met Alice and they became friends. This friendship developed, and in 1996, John traveled to meet Alice in person. Shortly afterward, Alice and John married and moved to Arkansas. John, an Abstract Artist, learned tie-dying from Alice shortly after they were married. Today, the signed dye works of Alice and John have been displayed throughout the U.S. in restaurants, music stores, and other business locations.

Weefcraft was originated by a mother who wanted to support her family without placing child care in outsider's hands. The endeavor began with handcrafted clay bead sales in local boutiques but expanded into tie-dye sales as friends who knew this mother as a dyer began requesting she make her fabric work available for sale. With a jump to the online world, Weefcraft quickly realized more demand for their tie-dyed goods and phased out the beads to focus on fabric. Our goal at Weefcraft is to brighten the world with color.

Weefcraft Tie-dyed Apparel dyes fabric with a technique known as tie-dying. From tie-dyed t-shirts to bedding and other apparel, Weefcraft creates a litany of decorative items from wall hangings to bed and bath items. We dye merchandise made from 100% cotton, rayon, or silk to order. We dye goods designed by most of the major manufacturers such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, and Gildian. We can also dye goods made by other manufacturers, the scope of the items is unlimited! The fiber reactive dyes we use insure long lasting bright color. The garments usually wear out before our colors do. The permanence of our color adds value to the product. People notice the quality and value and return as satisfied repeat customers. All of Weefcraft's art, on clothing or other items are one of a kind items that can never be 100% duplicated! Younger adults and teenagers, primarily female, especially like the brightness of our color and uniqueness of our designs, although, we do enjoy success in markets of all demographics.

Weefcraft Tie-dyed Apparel offers a unique version of tie-dyed goods, with a break away from the more commonly found designs into a world of iconic images and a distinctively unique style. Each dye is hand crafted so each is a one of a kind piece of art!

Weefcraft Tie-dyed Apparel sells goods primarily in the US. Our goods can be found in online boutiques and specialty shops, in eateries and adorning groups ranging from athletic teams to family reunions. Weefcraft is also sometimes available at specialty craft markets in the US. Market globalization is an issue we will address in the close future, however, our goods can be seen being worn by retail customers in Moscow, Berlin, London, Japan, and China.

The Weefcraft name is an identifier stemming from use of the original artists nickname "Weef" with the addition of the word "Craft" as the products were the Craft of Weef.

Weefcraft was established locally in 1993 and on the World Wide Web in 1996 by Alice Hines.

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